Storytelling Through Images   A Food Design Network

A few years ago I set out to create a collective of culinary artists,  to showcase their works. A world  of designers, scientists, mathematicians, architects, physicians stylists and photographers around the world. Science is the backbone of all things culinary and while one may not have mastered science in school its was a different experience when one turned professional.

The network goes beyond just creativity and jobs but to leave behind a plethora of possibilities. So join me on this journey and let us create a better tomorrow through food. From teaching Food Design and Food Media at WGSHA and Symbiosis, the team has set up the curriculum for at several colleges and creating experiences with a variety of resorts.




Tools of the trade

Understanding the camera

Basic Lighting Techniques

Preparing for a shoot

Propping for a shoot

Art of composition

Art of Plating

Cooking for the camera

Cooking for Social Media

Understanding Social Media



Table top food photography

Composition & Framing

Outdoor Food Photography

The Role of Science in food photography

Advanced Lighting Techniques

Playing with shadows

Travel Food Photography

Food Writing

Travel Writing

Starting A Portfolio

The Business Of Food Photography

The Business Of Food Styling

Advanced Food Photography

Advanced Food Styling

Art Of Visual Story Telling

How to engage an audience through visual imagery

Shooting for different forms of media