The Adventure Series

A creation of EARTH GARDENS & SEA in the Hills Mountains and Jungles and rivers of india.
From the jungles of Madhya Pradesh at all the Pugdundee Lodges, to Te Aroha, Corbett and Muskotia in Uttarakhand.
The focus on Sustainability local ingredients.  local cuisines and traditions. a chance to experience the thrills of a Rural life first hand. Eating the local cuisine and more


A three-day immersive experience focused on food created by Jashan Sippy SUGAR & SPACE. You will use all your senses to fully immerse yourself in a life based around food. Cook in underground ovens, forage for fresh produce, cook and eat (and eat and eat) together and talk about the pressing issues faced by our food industry today.  

ISUZU X Food Festival 2019

Food and travel go hand-in-hand. The X Food Festival is an opportunity to go on a food adventure without stepping out of the city! It is the rarest and most exotic food from India and the world. 
The ISUZU X Food Festival is curated by veteran experts of Indian gastronomy – Kunal Vijayakar, Michael Swamy, Nicole Mody and Tara Deshpande. Promoted and produced by 70 EMG. 

Pairing Food & Wine 

Demystifying wine for an Indian palate is never  easy. The idea that our curries and pulao can be enjoyed with something like wine is unfathomable to most people, . The upswing of foreign wines to local shores has had an impact on ones lifestyle.
Pernod Wine | Westin Hotel | Marriott Group of Hotels

Pairing Art With Food

A series started way back in 2016  along with Maneesh Baheti ex GM Oberois and an Art Collector.
Every element of food has an element of Art & Design, a carefully curated series of workshops where various artists talk about the influence of art and architecture on food and design

Cooking With Beer

Using beer to cook ones food. may sound unusual but its done all across the world. as a ingredient and a cooking medium. The food was curated by me at the Mariott Pune

Indian Cultural Festival Miami

Miami Calling: Travelling to Miami and doing a culinary series is everyones dream destination. The different ways of modernising Indian food  Meeting and interacting with international chefs and  cooking for the Doctors Association and who’s who in Miami.

YPO Food Festival Goa

Helped curate the food trucks for 7 of Goas top chefs and restaurants. The event for a sell out and the food absolutely fabulous. 

Lulus Kuwait

An amazing trip talking with the people in Kuwait, eating and judging the WOW Masterchef culinary competition. Did two amazing workshop on simple Indian flavours.

Le Creuset

Cooking in iron has been around for centuries. There is a technique to cooking in iron and that is slow cooking. food turns out robust and flavourful when cooking in cast iron vessels. This experiential journey is with Le Creuset who creates some exquisite pieces of cookware.


Everyone loves chocolate. creating experiences with chocolate and showcasing it in a new avatar. creating desserts using chocolate and taking people on a journey of stories and change and new perspectives.
Theres a certain enjoyment when it comes to Cooking with wine.
a workshop for the members of the Palms in Gurgaon. Cooked with a bunch of Australian wine.
Along with the fine dining dinner we did a workshop cum demo of a dish made with wine.