30727655_1727201047318177_699175871517797918_nThe newly opened Anglow, India’s first Anglo-Indian Themed Whiskey Bar and Kitchen embodies the spirit of this culture for its sentimental patrons who still reminisce about the glorious days of the British Raj. Situated in central Delhi’s Khan Market, two seasoned restaurateurs who have curated a one-of-a-kind Anglo-Indian dining experience. Anglow goes beyond its exquisite food and whiskeys, it’s a deep dive into our shared cultural history and the way it shaped our cuisines of today, a unique tradition handed down over generations.

To complement this one-of-a-kind food experience, Anglow offers a carefully curated selection of single malts and wines to ensure that even the most rigid connoisseurs end up with a sly grin of satisfaction when they enter the elegant surroundings of Anglow. The world of Anglow is set against a backdrop of retro numbers and classic hits to tap away in true Anglo Indian spirit.


Anglow pays tribute to the Khansamas, the Indian cooks of the Memsahibs of the British era. Inspired by the tales of well-kept secrets of the Anglo-Indian kitchens, Anglow promises to bring us the stunning flavours from our past in a setting which is inspired by the grandeur of our colonial heritage.





Pench, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Satpura, Tadoba


Pugdundee Safaris is recognised as one of India’s leading responsible safari companies. With six intimate jungle lodges in Central India and many bespoke wilderness experiences it presents the very best of the Indian subcontinent wildlife & hospitality. Between 2010 and 2018, it has been awarded for excellence in eco-tourism, it’s commitment to green architecture, led by experienced naturalists and a pioneering mobile safari initiative.

A creation of a menu called FOREST is different and experimental. The eurasian menu takes a modern twist to new age cooking. the style of the food is pushing the health conscious and the traveller to eat better when they travel. Local dishes in a new avatar. pushing the boundaries of a clientele that is used to a certain type of food, its a chefs duty to give them due value for money at the same time maintaining the health of the guest. The in-house organic farm is home to a series of vegetables and the sheer value of the nutrients is an added bonus to it all.PenchMS-0506







Avion Hotel Santacruz . Forgotten Flavours EXPERIENTIAL DINING

Gardens | Land | Sea

When you travel you eat. A journey is a journey of the senses. One imbibes one learns and one moves on. Memories of food linger on ones taste buds, memories that are often pressed within the pages of time. It is these recollections that bring to the fore a nature and concept of food and wine, clinging to tell a tale of love and peace. Stories within a plate and journeys often incomplete create mysteries. We all can but get a glimpse of the cuisine of the world and partake of it bit by bit.  All cuisines are deeply rooted in old traditions and customs.Taken from the recipe scrolls of Iran Spain and the Portuguese colonists and Dutch treasure seekers; and influenced by the Arabs who then transported the magic through trade and commerce and MARATHA heroes into the cuisine which has now become Indian with just one ingredient the CHILLI. This journey is about a culinary adventure, which carries with it the essence of the LAND, SEA and AIR of Coastal India. The cuisine at Forgotten Flavours is East Indian (Indo-Portuguese) and Iranian.



Indias first South American restaurant, situated in Delhi.








by Michael Swamy

imagesA colonial-style summer house converted into a boutique luxury hotel, Te Aroha offers its guests the opportunity to experience finest hospitality, amidst the scenic surroundings of Dhanachuli. The property is a harmonious blend of traditional architecture and contemporary comforts. The original structure of a summer house that once stood on the property has been successfully preserved to retain its original charm.  Huge decks and terraces, antique furniture, massive glass windows with breathtaking views of the landscape and the high ceilinged lobby replete with carefully selected furniture can transport you through time to the bygone elegance of the colonial era.








The Peppermill Bistro

Peppermill cafe101Amidst the hustle and bustle of the very busy BEL Road, lies a quaint little Bistro that offers an escape from the ordinary. Tastefully decorated interiors and rooftop, housed with large patio furniture to remind one of the simple French street cafe. The inside area provides a more homely feel with flower pots, plush chairs and intricately designed mirrors adorning the walls. All in all, a cosy and comfortable place to sit back and enjoy the beautiful Bangalore weather.

An extensive selection of European and Mediterranean cuisine while adding elements of Cafe food. Dig into all your favourite comfort foods, ranging from warm Waffles that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside to delicious Pizzas that are cheesy in all the right places. Treat your taste buds with the delicate, yet flavourful variety of Cafe treats that would be the envy of all your European Bistros. The open air restaurant is unique and has a fine sense of design to it. Created by the owners Mr. Faizan the restaurant is quite forward thinking in its approach and the dynamism is seen in its entrepreneural owner.Peppermill cafe102






The Bowl House

Created by Food Intellect, the concept of the Bowl house took off on the Asian concept of eating out of bowls. The journey of the Bowl house has since expanded from Pune to Vashi and Ghatkopar in Bombay. The food is purely Asian but had the distinct touch of the familiar and created with the concept of feeding everyone. It was a universal concept which is relatable to a wider audience


6th Street Cafe

The little 50 seater cafe was built in Koregaon park Pune. Smartly designed along the courtyard of the beverly Hills Hotel. The restaurant catered to the Gentry of Pune and the who’s who during its short span of a year. The food was French and designed to alleviate the subtle palates of the expat community in and around Pune.

Food Arena Kothrud Pune

A project with Rajesh Dhanwala. the food court of a cineplex in Kothrud, where the food was designed and conceptualised and the staff trained. A cineplex and set up the food structure for the space. Trained the staff in aspects of Chinese, Continental and Indian