India’s first Anglo-Indian Themed Whiskey Bar and Kitchen embodies the spirit of this culture for its sentimental patrons who still reminisce about the glorious days of the British Raj. Situated in central Delhi’s Khan Market. Anglow goes beyond its exquisite food and whiskeys, it’s a deep dive into our shared cultural history and the way it shaped our cuisines of today, a unique tradition handed down over generations.
Kings Lodge
Kings Lodge is nestled between Sal forested hills of Bandhavgarh National Park The style of the food is pushing the health conscious and the traveller to eat better when they travel. Local dishes in a new avatar. pushing the boundaries of a clientele that is used to a certain type of food, The in-house organic farm is home to a series of vegetables and fruits.
Pench Tree House
Pench Tree Lodge is an amazing property in Pench and the treehouses are an experience by themselves.
A creation of a menu called FOREST is different and experimental. The eurasian menu takes a modern twist to new age cooking. 
With a unique dining experience in the Farmhouse, the food takes the guests on a culinary journey through the local cuisine.
Denwa Backwater Escape
located overlooking the mesmerizing backwaters of a dam built on Denwa River in Satpura National Park, the area is popularly known as Madhai.
The food here is curated for a multi faceted guest list and the bush dinners and the pool side dinners are experiential. the dining area over looks the Denwa river and the area is plush with wildlife and for some stunning views during meal times.
The food is curated with several ideologies in mind but all around sustainability and lifestyle cooking.
Kanha Earth Lodge
is spread in 16 acres of natural forest, tucked away in a small hamlet bordering Kanha’s buffer zone. Its unique location, 30 minutes from the Khatia/Kisli park gate, ensures that it is close enough for easy access to the park, but still far enough to offer guests a true wilderness An ideal setting for nature walks, birding and cycling trips through the surrounding forest.
Tree House Hideaway
One of my favourite properties with five tree houses
The property has its resident species of wildlife and often one can spend days and hours just being with the wild within. The curated meals hereare eclectic and discerning and truly wonderful
Pinewood Resorts Karjat
Located in Village Varai, in Karjat
this hotel is 16 km from Neral RailwayStation. 16 well-maintained rooms foraccommodation.
The hotel also features an in-house restaurant that serves delicious food to the guests. 


Avion Hotel Santacruz
Forgotten Flavours BY MICHAEL SWAMY
Gardens | Land | Sea
A journey is a journey of the senses. 
This journey is about a culinary adventure, which carries with it the essence of the LAND, SEA and AIR of Coastal India.
The cuisine at Forgotten Flavours is East Indian (Indo-Portuguese) and Iranian.
Nueva Delhi
It was India’s first South American restaurant, situated in Delhi. Sadly its not that anymore. Was a great space when one was associated with it. It served authentic South American food once upon a time.
This was a dream project. A journey to the mountains changed the way I saw India. This journey was magic. The people are gentle and the food magical. The cool winds, the snow, the rain all translated into the food.
The modernisation of Pahadi cuisine and changing the way one say local cuisine was fun and exciting. A beautiful space for culinary and adventure retreats and curating experiences with nature and food
The Peppermill bistro
Amidst the hustle and bustle of the very busy BEL Road, lies a quaint little Bistro that offers an escape from the ordinary. Tastefully decorated interiors and rooftop, housed with large patio furniture to remind one of the simple French street cafe.  An extensive selection of European and Mediterranean cuisine while adding elements of Cafe food.  
The Bowl House
Created by Food Intellect, the concept of the Bowl house took off on the Asian concept of eating out of bowls. The journey of the Bowl house has since expanded from Pune to Vashi and Ghatkopar in Bombay. The food is purely Asian but had the distinct touch of the familiar and created with the concept of feeding everyone. It was a universal concept which is relatable to a wider audience

6th Street Cafe
The little 50 seater cafe was built in Koregaon park Pune. Smartly designed along the courtyard of the beverly Hills Hotel. The restaurant catered to the Gentry of Pune and the who’s who during its short span of a year. The food was French and designed to alleviate the subtle palates of the expat community in and around Pune.
Food Arena Kothrud Pune
A project with Rajesh Dhanwala. the food court of a cineplex in Kothrud, where the food was designed and conceptualised and the staff trained. A cineplex and set up the food structure for the space. Trained the staff in aspects of Chinese, Continental and Indian
Bharat Petroleum Dhaba
Part of the curating team for the initial 10 Ghar Ka Dhabas set up across India.
A wonderful learning curve in setting up restaurants and training rural staff to cook and serve great food.
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