Virleo Productions
My mothers production house. Started my career here whist in school. Learnt photography and editing from a whole bunch of wonderful people. 
Virleo created documentaries in the educational space and interviews with several prominent individuals
Australian Broadcast Channel
Worked with the Australian Broadcast channel team for the Bombay Episode of the show along with chef Barry Vera in escorting him around the city and talking about the foods of Bombay.
A small but highly professional team we spent time shooting in Juhu and all in all talking about food.
BBC India Cooking With Rishi Desai
Was one of the best experiences we had working with Rishi. Very professional and extremely talented. One of the best shows and teams to have worked with.
BBC India Ravinders Kitchen
Worked on the 2nd half of the show Ravinder’s Kitchen, Handled the culinary aspect and the backend kitchen for the show. Along with my team. 
Aahmi Sare Khavayee
A wonderful show hosted by Chef Nilesh Limaye. Not only did we handle a few chefs to appear on the show with Chef Nilesh, It was a pleasure working with him and his team when I did an episode on East Indian cuisine with him.
Masterchef India Season I & 2
Handled the conceptualising of the food aspect of the show and the handling of the entire food team. Training and grooming of the contestants and the judges.
Sanjeev Kapoor Ki Khiladi
A culinary game show where chefs were pitched against home cooks. My team handled the conceptualising and the backend aspect of the show for Sony TV