Chef Michael Swamy has worked as Food Critic & Feature Writer for magazines and periodicals such as Jetwings & Jetlite (Jet Airways In-flight Magazine), Liquid Magazine (Spenta), Asian Photography, Publishing Houses like Westland & Tranquebar, Wilco & Rupa, OM Books International and many more. He has also contributed articles on various aspects of world and Indian cuisine, patisserie, desserts and sweets, for various newspapers, magazines and websites. He writes on WordPress, concentrating on chefs and culinary travels on food and wine, as also on food and lifestyles for several internet portals.



Cover-Masala Dabba


The Indian kitchen is incomplete without the masala dabba or the spice box that comprises a world of flavours, colours and textures. Sometimes, a single spice does the trick, at other times several spices combine to form a robust blend. Here, we explore the Masala Dabba and its contents from a not-so-obvious point of view. What would happen, for instance, if milk masala were not added to milk but meat or chilli flakes in desserts? Believe it or not, the answer is: Spectacular food.
Masala Dabba presents a melange of culinary techniques and unique spice blends and mixtures that would guarantee a delightful dining experience. This book will definitely come in handy while you cook up a storm for your dear ones with a dash of freshness and the goodness of zesty spices.


Publisher  : OM Books International






The East Indian KitchenThis book is a collection of Indian regional dishes that are never seen in the limelight despite being very popular in their regions. Through our styling and Pravin Pol’s photography, we have tried to present the dishes in their authentic light using not only ingredients sourced from these regions but also the textures and props involved. Regarding the recipes themselves, each recipe is tried and tested several times before it finally makes it to the book.

Publisher : Westland Books.
Gourmand Award Category : Best Indian cookbook







Indian Food and wine


Surprise, surprise! Indian food and wine do go together and The Easy Guide to Pairing Indian Food and Wine tells you how. While matching food with a particular wine is a matter of personal taste, this guide created in collaboration with Nine Hills by Pernod Ricard makes things easy for a newcomer to the world of wines. The book not only explains the nuances of wines but also has recipes made using wine helping one enjoy a new facet of the beverage. The recipes use wine in varying ways, so that one can use the method as a guide to creating yet more recipes.

Publisher : OM Books International
Gourmand Award Category : Pairing Food & Beverage






Comfort Food low res


By Michael Swamy & Mugdha Savkar

From exploring the spicy flavours of Moroccan food to indulging in Italian culinary treats that go beyond the usual pizzas and pastas; Comfort Food offers an eclectic mix of traditional and modern cuisine guaranteeing to soothe the evolving Indian palate today. Indians have become more experimental in their choice of appetisers, main-course meals and desserts. This cookbook promises to encourage all food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs to try out the easy-to-make recipes at home for friends and loved ones. With this book in your hand, you are all set to conquer the kitchen like never before. Whip up these finger-licking dishes and surprise your guests at home. With a generous smattering of mouth-watering food shots inside, Comfort Food: Small Bites, Big Treats assures a gastronomical journey for all.
Publisher : OM Books International
Gourmand Award Category : Easy Recipes