Chef Michael Swamy

Chef Michael Swamy & Team

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A talented and dedicated team of chefs and food researchers who live by the principles of creativity, originality and quality.

Fondly known as “The Historian Chef” or “Chef Who Wears Many Hats”, Michael Swamy is a pioneer in the area of food media and is a rare combination of chef-food stylist-food photographer-author. A graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, London, he has trained under several Michelin chefs and over time, has evolved his signature cooking style best described as “technique-based cooking using beverages”.

The brain behind many a restaurant and culinary establishments across India, Michael, with his team, has conceptualised and handled major food shows on several GEC and international niche channels.

He has authored several cookbooks and is a four-time Gourmand Award winner.  A firm believer in the power of mastering technique, he is making an effort towards introducing a fresh teaching methodology based on technique and visual content which will enable hospitality students to develop a skill set suitable for global standards. A keen passion for nature and wildlife has led Michael to creating culinary experiences that combine food and nature and bring out the interconnection between them.


Mugdha Savkar

On completing her studies in Hotel Management from the Naval Institute of Technology, Mugdha decided to do something different. Instead of going down the usual path of taking up a job in a renowned hotel, she joined Michael Swamy as an assistant food stylist. Her food journey has taken her from styling for several large food corporations to styling for many award-winning books. Her earlier training has been done at prestigious establishments like the Oberois and the Leelas giving her a first hand experience of the hardcore hotel industry. She has also done her studies in travel and tourism which has been a major asset in her research work.

Her writing spans almost a decade – her first being a weekend column on exotic food for a regional newspaper. Since then, she has been co-writing for Michael Swamy on his travels for Yahoo and for her own section in Women’s Planet. She also handles cookbook edits and research for several established authors.

She has been a major part on the food team for television shows like MasterChef India 1 & 2, Ravinder’s Kitchen and Stay Home Chef with Rishi Desai (on TLC) and Fox Traveller’s Twist of Taste “Coastal Curries” (Season 3). She assists and directs in-house productions for brands like Whirlpool, Cambay Prawns, Kellogg’s and the travel food videos for Team Michael. She is now also full time on the panel of “CottageChef”, Team Michael’s very own YouTube channel.

Mugdha is also a guest lecturer at the prestigious WelcomeGroup School of Hotel Administration (Manipal), where she spends a week training the students on the nuances of food styling and videography.