Chef Michael Swamy

M in LCB
Fondly known as “The Historian Chef” or “Chef Who Wears Many Hats”, Michael Swamy is a pioneer in the area of food media and is a rare combination of chef-food stylist-food photographer-author. A graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, London, he has trained under several Michelin chefs and over time, has evolved his signature cooking style best described as “technique-based cooking using beverages”.

The brain behind many a restaurant and culinary establishments across India, Michael, with his team, has conceptualised and handled major food shows on several GEC and international niche channels. His work in the area of food media has won him accolades in the culinary industry and led him to founding his own company which covers food-related work in all aspects of food media be it books, advertising in both print and telefilm, television, documentary and the social media space. He has authored several cookbooks and is a four-time Gourmand Award winner. He was also responsible for setting up NUEVA, India’s first Latin American restaurant in Delhi, which set a benchmark for global cuisines and served his take on Latin American cuisine with special emphasis on it’s evolution. Eastern Sunset is a project close to his heart serving Indo-Portuguese cuisine.

A firm believer in the power of mastering technique, he is making an effort towards introducing a fresh teaching methodology based on technique and visual content which will enable hospitality students to develop a skill set suitable for global standards. A keen passion for nature and wildlife has led Michael to creating culinary experiences that combine food and nature and bring out the interconnection between them.

He also set up restaurants and menus and has infused a new energy in food that is inspired by nature and art and design. Currently moving on into the world of Nature and foraging and creating culinary experiences in the Forests and Jungles of India. He has decided to move away from the big cities of Indian and got local and international at the same time with creating the “Cooking Wild Series” The Jungle and Mountain Series in Uttarakhand and in Madhya Pradesh.

Know for his creative workshops globally and in India and is a guest faculty at WGSHA Manipal on Food Media. He has been a Keynote speaker at the Indian Restaurant Congress and at Ranchi BIT MESHRA