BIT MESRA Ranchi 2018

IMG_7910BIT MESRA is one of India’s leading Technological and Management Institutes in the country. To be invited is an honour and a recognition of one;’s work in the field of culinary academia. The topic was .The Importance of Food In Tourism : Regional Tourism and It’s impact on Sustainable Cultural Tourism. the event was attended by the Honourable Chief Minister and several dignitaries.

The students of the Hotel management department did a commendable job in putting the whole programme together. It was with the graceful assistance of Dr. Nishikant that this was made possible and the talk was well received by an attentive audience.


The Journey of Culinary Change Through a Climate Kaleidoscope

Food Security & Sustainability

LayaA Campaign to kick off a series of events to Save Nature via FoodSave Nature & Wildlife via Food.

The Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC), Laya, a non-Governmental organisation based in Visakhapatnam and Chef Michael Swamy are working Towards Food Sustainability: The Journey of change through a Climate Kaleidoscope. Through these events and workshops, the organisers aim to bring the discourse as a key issue to be addressed at various levels among all stakeholders.

The organisation has been creating platforms for discourses across states on issues concerning climate change and sustainable development. It works for policy changes in the interest of the marginalised. Its mandate is to bring forth people voices in policy choices.

Bhandhavgargh-0267Trends are very often started off by chefs and culinairians. As chefs it is a responsibility to not only deliver good and safe food to clients and customers but also come out in the open and talk about safe food, safe food practices and the environment.Nature being a topic of interest to Chef Michael is the very foundation of our food orientations. With the changes that are happening today we ask you to pick up your favourite Nature based cause and make a comment and post it. Chef Michaels initiative “Cooking Wild” is about a return to nature, reviving lost ingredients, lost dishes, slowly dying cooking techniques.


Indian Restaurant Congress

2017 at J.W. Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi.

DSC_9553Now in its seventh year the Indian Restaurant Congress is the leading Business and Knowledge platform for the restaurant, fast-casual, QSR, hotel food services and contract catering sectors. Today people are more into Experiential dining than just eating out, going by the analysis Indian Restaurant Congress 2017 is themed #EXPERIENCE. Indian Restaurant Congress will be building and nurturing the food service innovation ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurs and creating platforms for collaboration. It is the platform where restaurants, chefs, brands would find future business models, menu, ideas to address tomorrow’s market demand.




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