Culinary Art Workshops


Palm Beach Miami

Indian Cultural Festival Miami

Miami100Miami Calling: Travelling to Miami and doing a culinary workshop is everyones dream destination. The different kinds of food and the visit to a Daniel Bulud restaurant was a bargain deal. Meeting and interacting with international chefs and to top it all cooking for the Doctors Association and who’s who in Miami.Miami10022

A culinary charity dinner for 100 of Miami’s esteemed doctors and socialites curated by Avani Patel and Her Brother Ankur Patel the President of the Indian Association in Miami. The second day catered to a 3,000 strong crowd who came for a cultural event and for the food. Chef Michaels stall was helped assisted by International chefs who came and helped at the event. It was an enormous gathering and the food was a sell out. It would be great to set up a restaurant there someday and do my version of Indian food.



Lulus Kuwait

An amazing trip talking with the people in Kuwait, eating and judging the WOW Masterchef culinary competition. Did two amazing workshop on simple Indian flavours. Talking to housewives and encouraging them to try cooking differently. The stupendous team for Lulus had everything well planned and done to perfection. Visited 5 of Lulus Hypermarkets and from the longest cake to the longest subway sandwich, all were cut and shared to the visitors at the malls

lulu601 lulu602 lulu603


The Jungle Series       Earth Land & Forest

Venues: Jim’s Jungle Retreat Corbett | Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh | Tree House Pench | Denwa Backwater Escape


A creation of EARTH GARDENS & SEA a menu called FOREST is different and experimental. the eurasian menu takes a modern twist to new age cooking. the style of the food is pushing the health conscious and the traveller to eat better when they travel. Local dishes in a new avtar. pushing the boundaries of a clientele that is used to a certain type of food, its a chefs duty to give them due value for money at the same time maintaining the health of the guest. the in-house organic farm is home to a series of vegetables and the sheer value of the nutrients is an added bonus to it all. The well manicured property stands out on the edge of the jungle and the many species of birds flitting about lend a certain tranquility to the place. Experience the cuisine designed by Chef Michael and his team of young chefs. A cuisine that fits even a Michelin styled restaurant and an experience that aims to deliver quality and flavour.



001-0385Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh

It was an honour to present a bit of Indian culinary history to the well heeled and traveled group in Bandhavgarh at Kings Lodge (Pugdundee Safaris). The group were on a tour organised by the Madhya Pradesh Government and Pugdundee resorts played a major role in the food and accommodation.

The focus is on Sustainability and the use of local ingredients. How to revive local cuisines and traditions. These culinary experiences also give people from the Urban areas a chance to experience the thrills of a Rural life first hand. The experiences are coupled with game drives, wildlife photography and discussions over food. To relax and enjoy the bounties of nature in a scenic environment.


mondelez mondelez

Mix me, close your eyes and whisk me.

Mondelez India & Chef Michael Swamy invite you to a day of chocolatey indulgence witness the Chef dish out sinful and irresistable creations out of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo. If you like what you eat, you create your own treat!


Le Creuset

LE CREUSET, is leading cookware brand famous for its cast-iron products, hosted a live cookout session with the renowned celebrity Chef Michael Swamy showcasing the best of world cuisine in the all new collection from Le Creuset at their newly launched Flagship store in Infinity Mall, Mumbai.

Chef Michael Swamy prepared cuisines consisting of some of his personal favourites. These tantalising and scrumptious dishes were cooked live inside the Le Creuset store, prepared and served in Le Creuset products. Guests were able to interact with the chef throughout the cookout to recreate the magic at home.


with Ankur Damani & Schweta Kumar

While Le Creuset produces worlds best cookware and accessories for a quintessential kitchen, it stands out in its design, vibrant and distinct colours as well as versatility, meant for preparing, cooking and serving, in Le Creuset style. Le Creuset aims at not just being a cookware brand but a lifestyle.

Ankur Damani, Head India and SAARC, Le Creuset – We at Le Creuset are excited to associate with Chef Michael Swamy for this event to showcase the essence of Le Creuset products for an exquisite culinary experience.




Sublime Tea



One can go down in history, but for me it takes me down memory lane to the many teas at the Taj cafe in my youth to the grown up days of high tea at the Tea Centre to a formal tea setting of damask and lace at my aunt’s place in Nairobi. Its a culture that the British have left us with and its still the one that has a sense of elegance. ‘That’ cup of tea brings people together in a way that one cannot even imagine.


The workshop was to introduce people to the art of Tea making and appreciation






Te Aroha (Kumaon Literature Festival)

Himalayan Repast with 18 year old Glenfiddich

                                                                      A trip through Ireland for uisce beatha  “water of life.”

When you look at Scotch you wont be surprised that the highest sale of it is in India. What makes scotch so special is something that beats me. For there is something magical about single malts and good old whiskey. It is a good single malt that comes from a single distillery from Scotland and is aged for years in wooden casks which give it its distinct aroma and slightly oily feel. Good malt must be drunk from a glass that tapers at the mouth, trapping the aromas and sending them straight to your nose as you sip.

The mountains of India, the atmosphere and nature of the atmosphere was conducive, the Boutique hotel divine to create magic with the local flavours and pair them two nights in a row with 18 year old Scotch.


Courtyard By Marriott Bangalore  2017

Fourpoints Sheraton Bangalore

Fourpoints sheraton100Pairing Indian Food with wine can be easy but when it comes to pairing Beer with food and even cooking with beer, brought about a whole new experience. The culinary experience was done at the Fourpoints Sheraton in Whitefields Bangalore. The experience was done with several bloggers and food writers.Chef Mangilal Kurly who has been appointed as the Executive Chef at Four Points by Sheraton Bengaluru cooked the Dahakte Jhinga (Prawns) in a flambe style. It was wonderful to know that Chef Kurly has over 19 years of professional experience in hotels like Kempenski hotels, JW Marriott, Courtyard by Marriott and even Marriott Beijing Fourpoints sheraton101









Fairfield Marriott Bellandur

FairfieldThis business hotel of the Marriott brand. The comfortable rooms and excellent food is what keeps clients returning again and again. The promotional launch of its new menu and culinary workshop along with the Executive chefs was fun and invigorating. I did this wonderful session with theFairfield by Marriott hotels in Bangalore. Each respective Executive chef did his favourite dish and I did my take of a local fare from the region they had cooked from. A fun filled afternoon with a series of bloggers and food writers who came and tasted and enjoyed all that was there to be offered.





 Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh


When recipes are put together and the kitchen becomes the laboratory of air, fire, water and earth sautéed together to proliferate the spirits of the students of the School of Hospitality Management.
The day spiced up as the university hosted the sessions with Le Cordon Bleu and where students burnt some oil with the chef and garnished the day with an enriching and highly interactive session.

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WGSHA Manipal

DSC_4269An annual weekly workshop on Food Styling and Food Photography and various aspects of Food Media. The students are taken through practical sessions as well as theoretical.

The course is designed for the students. Students are taught how to analyse plating and various forms of food media. Various aspects of photographing food for Television and cookbooks and for the print media.

A new revised course is being presented for Working Professionals, | Chefs | Food Writers | Food Bloggers


Food Styling | Food Photography | Food Writing | Food Plating | Food Media




Pairing Food & Wine with Pernod a 4 city tour 2015

Indian Food and wineDemystifying wine for an Indian palate is never  easy. The idea that our curries and pulao can be enjoyed with something like wine is unfathomable to most people, but it is possible, and is being done worldwide with Indian restaurants not far behind. The upswing of foreign wines to local shores has had an impact on ones lifestyle.

The workshops were done along with the Westin group of hotels in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai