Indian Cultural Festival Miami

Miami Calling: Travelling to Miami and doing a culinary series is everyones dream destination. The different ways of modernising Indian food  Meeting and interacting with international chefs and  cooking for the Doctors Association and who’s who in Miami.

Lulus Kuwait

An amazing trip talking with the people in Kuwait, eating and judging the WOW Masterchef culinary competition. Did two amazing workshop on simple Indian flavours.

Le Creuset

Iron Cooking
LE CREUSET, is leading cookware brand famous for its cast-iron products,  Showcasing the best of world cuisine in the all new collection from Le Creuset at their newly launched Flagship store in Infinity Mall, Mumbai.


A workshop of chocolatey indulgence A place to witness the Chefs dish out sinful and irresistible creations out of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo. If you like what you eat, you create your own treat!