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Nueva41Travelling today has become quick and easy, its almost so easy that one can be in several cities in a span of a few hours if not countries. Culinary tourism is what makes one travel to another country and experience the food and cuisine.

In all my travels its sometimes the images of food taken on the trip that make me reminiscence and it should surprise me. A food buff history wise, food tourism is usually seen through a realm of culture. Regional food habits, norms and values and these information points though lacking in India are essential for the growth of food tourism. Knowing the history of a dish its rudimentary characteristics, the value of seasonal ingredients from region to region all go a long way in presenting food better and for me closer to the goal of making Indian cuisine a global one.







Art Inspires Food – Masters Of Abstract Art with SAAG and Art Centrix

Food&Art Final Invite copyA food buff history wise, food tourism is usually seen through a realm of culture. For as a chef myself and one who travels a fair bit, I see that chefs have turned artists of a different kind over the years with many chefs even delving in the world of food styling. Chefs building up chefs by staying in the backend kitchens on food shows. Their art rarely coming into the forefront due to the hosts and channels refusal to give them credit. Its not about reinventing the wheel but all about being innovative.

It is all about showmanship at the end of the day.





The Mountain Series by Michael Swamy

A CHEFS place is in the kitchen or is it. To be a chef means to explore, the mountains of India hold a breath-taking beauty and an exotic cuisine. The HILLS of Kumaon and of the valleys at the base of the Himalayan range close to Nainital, encapture a myriad tales as one heads to Dhanachuli for it lies ensconced at the very top of those hills… a tiny little place with hamlets all around, the stone houses reminiscent of a different era. The winding hills of Kumaon and the Hills that hold the myriad towns (some still not featured on the map of India), are magical.

RETURN TO THE MOUNTAINS is a discovery of the way people eat off the land. The food is rustic with a balance and simplicity of flavours that creates a nostalgic memory. Turning the food around to a new level is what the story is about. The MICHAEL SWAMY experience take you through the raptures of the mountains, the essence of THE SILVER FOREST, the magic of the river streams and culverts where the locals know of where water collects and is taken to the homes. 








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