The Mountain Series by Michael Swamy

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RETURN TO THE MOUNTAINS is a discovery of the way people eat off the land. The food is rustic with a balance and simplicity of flavours that creates a nostalgic memory. Turning the food around to a new level is what the story is about. The MICHAEL SWAMY experience take you through the raptures of the mountains, the essence of THE SILVER FOREST, the magic of the river streams and culverts where the locals know of where water collects and is taken to the homes. Long walks, bicycle rides down narrow paths, Dining at a local hamlet, a village meal. Lose yourself in the mountains at Te Aroha in Dhanachuli and in a Home Stay in Manali. The experience is unique in its own way curated by our team and crafted by professionals







The Jungle Series

Pench wild -0251 Travelling today has become quick and easy, its almost so easy that one can be in several cities in a span of a few hours if not countries. Culinary tourism is what makes one travel to another country and experience the food and cuisine.

In all my travels its sometimes the images of food taken on the trip that make me reminiscence and it should surprise me. A food buff history wise, food tourism is usually seen through a realm of culture. Regional food habits, norms and values and these information points though lacking in India are essential for the growth of food tourism. Knowing the history of a dish its rudimentary characteristics, the value of seasonal ingredients from region to region all go a long way in presenting food better and for me closer to the goal of making Indian cuisine a global one.Bhandhavgargh-0267

Forest barbecues, jungle techniques, bush cooking to Catch and Release fishing. From the Jungles of Corbett to Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Satpura with Pugdundee Safaris. Our Journeys also take you to the magical wilds of Dooars and the Sunderbans with Waxpol resorts.