NUEVA Experiential Dining

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NUEVA is a stand alone Experiential restaurant and is situated in the beautiful South Delhi area, close to the embassy and cultural areas of Delhi. NUEVA the experience is wishing the confines of Sangam Courtyard in R.K. Puram.

The beautifully designed restaurant caters to a unique crowd and the two storied restaurant does bar food and tapas in one area and fine dining on the upper level.

A Journey begins with a single step and traverses the globe in many ways. Some journeys begin at its end and turn into adventures. Some turn into legends and with each legend there is something new to take in.

The world of food has traversed the globe made by men of legends and countries. The French, the Spanish and the Portuguese have left an indelible mark on the cuisines of the world.

The cuisine styles and ingredients of Southern America have come full circle and the lingering flavours of chillies and the famous raw cooking styles.

Chilean and Peruvian cuisine is all about natural flavours influenced by the Spanish. Their ceviches where food is cooked using natural acids like lime juice or orange juice makes it all the more respected in the culinary world. There are also dishes from other South American countries.

Highlighting the concept of Spanish tapas the bar menu will concentrate on Tapas styled food. Taking the routes of the conquistadors, the Portuguese and the French whose culinary techniques have structured much of Global cuisine with their influences. These dishes often constitute a full meal. The small potions and variety encourage a bar crowd and can attract the expat community and travellers and also help build regular crowd.

Taking the Art of Experiential Dining to another level, from the stories on the plate to connecting with nature. The high end crockery and cutlery and the exquisite glassware add another dimension to the food. Chef Michaels many trysts with nature is evident on the plate and on the menu. Even the menu is titled “Land Sea and Gardens” it breaks away from the usual monotony of a menu.

The teas rom brands like Anandini and Newby and Sublime and Colombian coffee served from a siphon and served in fine porcelain take the experience to a a unique point.